Our Mission:  “We are dedicated to work with each client on an individual basis to achieve the highest possible quality no matter what the project.  Commitment to only the highest level of creativity and technology allow us to work within your budget and time constraints.  With over two decades of commercial photography experience, we have set the bar high to insure that we not only meet your standards but to live up to our own expectations as well.” ~ Rick Thompson / Richard Cox

About Cimarron Photography & Design
What’s in a name?  Their name is derived from the Cimarron River, a very scenic river flowing through historic Oklahoma Native American lands.  Although they have worked in many places around the globe, Rick Thompson and Richard Cox have chosen Oklahoma as home for their company.  Above all, the name illustrates a commitment to their native state.

Mr. Thompson and Mr. Cox began their long association in 1977.  Over the years the association has proven to be the perfect match of Creative Talent and Professionalism.  Along the way, they have developed a loyal local, national and international client base and worked with a wealth of different client needs.  Many claim to be the best, others make claims as being the first—quite frankly, you be the judge. 

“We are passionate about what we do and welcome any commercial assignments that you may have in mind.  Let’s put our collective thoughts together and create professional solutions for your or your company’s needs.”    

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