Trey Aven
- Anyone that has worked in this market for any length of time, has probably seen Trey’s work.  His illustration and design talents bring a very unique element to any project.  Trey currently resides in China, which offers a yet another element to the scope of his work.  If you or your company has ever thought of penetrating the Asian market, Trey works with many talented Chinese artists that know how to present your products and services in a way that will capture the attention of that market.  Mr. Aven not only brings his own dynamic style to any project, but also can oversee the work many talented artists and copywriters that can deliver your message in a way that is correct with the language and customs of those markets.

“Terry” Guo Xiaohua (郭肖华) is the founder and president of To-the-Top (Dong Man Yi Shu /动漫艺术) Digital Creative Group with capabilities in advertising, design, animation, film and music production in Xiamen. During his career he has been recognized for his award-winning work in the Fujian province and throughout China.  He also serves as Executive Dean for the College of Digital Arts of the Xiamen University of Technology and is the author of several books in China dealing with branding and advertising in China.

Roxanne Barns - Roxanne has worked as an illustrator and designer for many years.  Her style is has been developed, along with her formal training in fine art, by embracing computer technologies.  Roxanne is probably best known for her work in package design and illustration work done for Kashi Foods.  Ms Barnes is a highly skilled professional and is used to working with tight deadlines and a consummate knowledge of how create projects that are print ready.

Valencia Taylor - Valencia is a highly skilled and talented web designer that is well versed in the latest technologies to give your company a website that set you apart from the crowd.  Ms Taylor’s work includes the primary construction of this site and many others.  Her formal education and keen eye for what is “current” and what “works” makes her a valuable member of the Cimarron Team.

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