Rick’s ability to consistently create images of excellent quality coupled with creative vision did not happen overnight.  He has been a commercial photographer for over two decades.  Formally trained in fine art, Rick has also worked as a creative director and vice president of marketing, which means that he has seen the industry from both sides.  He fully understands what the client is striving to achieve photographically and applies his mastery to each and every assignment.

“I began my career shooting products for customers in the studio, on location and as a magazine photographer.  I “grew up” in the era of film, which meant that it had to be right… Shooting transparency film is a truly unique experience that requires a totally different train of thought from the digital experience of today.  You had to fully understand all aspects of the process from the camera and the lighting, all the way through the lab process.”

“Today we maintain a fully digital imaging system utilizing the latest in technological advancements in the industry.  We pride ourselves in seeking out not only the latest in digital technology, but also constantly refining methods that consistently work.  I have a passion for photography that has burned for many years that is still my driving force.  Perfection is elusive and I am not sure that it really exists; but that does not stop one from striving for that elusive goal.  I would love to share my skills, my facility and my excitement for photography with you.  Together we could create award-winning images while making the entire experience fun and tasteful.”

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