Although we started out strictly as a commercial studio, over the years we discovered that many of our clients had needs that could not be met by a studio of any size.   Be it manufacturing, restaurant, hotel, architectural, transportation or any number of other businesses, it is quite simply easier for us to go to the client. 

We began to amass equipment and skills to shoot studio quality images on location.  We now specialize in the ON-LOCATION STUDIO-QUALITY images of those “larger than life” subjects that are guaranteed to make you or your company look great!  If you have a car, bus or any other large item, we can shoot that subject with any background at any time of the day or night to give your image a unique look.  When it comes to our Executive Portrait Service, we can shoot you or your entire family in a surrounding that will add a distinctive flair to the photographs.

What gives us a competitive edge is that we are “totally mobile.”  We have a full assortment of generators, high power battery supplies, carbon-based tripods and light stands as well as strobes and light modifiers that are a breeze to transport and set up.  What this means to you is that there is no situation too challenging and more importantly, less of your valuable time away from other endeavors.

Cimarron Photography and Design - The “On Location” specialist for all of your commercial needs. 

"We are passionate about what we do and welcome any commercial assignments that
you may have in mind. Let's put our collective thoughts together and create
professional solutions for your or your company's needs."
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